Friday, August 8, 2008

Right Back at Ya!

Click here to see what Melitsa thinks of EC Smart....Thanks for the love!

If you are looking for some quality home-grown, easy and developmentally appropriate activities(you know how much I love talking about this), check out her blog for great ideas and suggestions on how she facilitates the activities with her "little man." She also does a great job on sharing WHY the activity promotes development.

P.S. Her blog is also on my list, for future reference.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool Mom Talking About Separation

Just wanted to share this book, I recently came about by Nancy Balaban. It's called Everyday Goodbyes. The reason? Well, its for those of you teachers or parents who have been in the same issue as Cool Mom. Separation can be tough (if you've been there, you know it). However, I and other bloggers shared our best material with her and it sounds like it has worked.

Check out the's a keeper.